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Is it so important to write the perfect email title? The answer is obvious: yes, it does. While we are going to see the steps to follow to achieve it, we will also see the reason for its importance and what benefits each one of them provides.

It is not the first time that we have talked about email marketing on our website, and it will not be the last, since in our marketing consultancy we are very aware of the validity of this tool to attract customers and, above all, to close sales.

In other articles, we have already detailed the benefits of marketing. What are the possible strategies to follow to achieve the objectives? We have also talked about the different types of email marketing campaigns that we can deploy according to the strategy that our company or business is carrying out at a given moment.

In this article, you will learn how to write the perfect email title that will increase your opening rate and indirectly increase your return on investment. As you know, writing the perfect email title is not easy, but we make it easy by following some tips and tricks. Let’s dive into how to write the perfect email title.

Aspects to consider when writing the perfect email title

The first thing we see when we receive an email is its title. It is time to attract the attention of the recipient of the message so that, in the first instance, they decide to open the emails and read them.

How many emails end up in the trash without even being opened? The title of the message is, therefore, one of the elements of email marketing that we must not neglect in our campaigns.

How can we increase the number of open emails in our campaigns? In the infographic, you have the steps to follow.

We review the aspects that must be taken into account when writing the perfect email title to increase the opening rate of messages and reach the minds of our subscribers and potential customers.

common email marketing mistakes

Tips for writing the perfect email title

  1. A perfect email title should be no more than 50 characters.
  2. Send a clear and simple message.
  3. Be specific: what exactly do you offer? Don’t go off the rails.
  4. Create a sense of urgency. Set deadlines and let them see from the first moment.
  5. Customize the title with the user’s name.
  6. Include a touch of action and mention what benefit the user will have.
  7. Customize your offer to match customer preferences.
  8. Test titles and go through the different variables one by one.
  9. Don’t forget: people subscribe to newsletters to get coupons, discounts, and special offers. Take advantage of the occasion whenever there are active campaigns in the company or create specific actions for the members of your list.

Use the A/B test for the email title.

One of the great ways to find the perfect email title is an A/B test. You can check various aspects like word count, tone, word choice, or other factors.

Once you test A/B testing and see what type of subject line is like for your audience and which subject line gets more open rates, then use that subject line for email marketing campaigns.

If you don’t know what is A/B testing and how to perform it successfully then you can refer to our guide on A/B testing. You can use A/B testing services like Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, and Systeme.io.

Also, read A/B tests in email marketing and how to perform successfully.

A/B testing in email marketing

Use numbers

Sometimes numbers can make a big difference while writing the email’s title because it is easy to understand. Using numbers is the most effective way to communicate to audience. A study shows those who is using numbers in emails or in email title they get more sales and open rates.

Other tips for writing the perfect email title

  1. Use numbers; they work well because they promise measurable value and are an easy way to read messages (or scan message content).
  2. Focus on a particular problem your customers are having (and make it clear what your product or company can do to solve it, or at least, what has the key to doing so).
  3. If you offer exclusive content as part of your company’s marketing strategy [video, webinar, ebook,…], write it in square brackets. You will make it different from the title and make it more visual.
  4. Add the word “free” or “free” in the title of the email whenever you offer additional content that can be downloaded online or through a certain action. It will increase the open rate by 10%.
  5. You can ask questions to invite the reader to interact with your message. It will be more difficult for me to forget you. You will be in the mind of your consumption for a little longer.
  6. Use humor, provocation, or irony if the occasion and the content of the message warrant it. Do not be afraid to surprise your subscribers. Once again, you will be able to be in your customer’s mind and leave a mark.
  7. Don’t forget to check how the headline and message look on mobile devices. Think that most of the users have their first contact, they even read the emails on their phones.
4 Tips for Choosing the Right Email Marketing Provider

Best email service provider.

Consider these email marketing services for the best results. You can also refer to our guide on how to choose the best email marketing services.


Writing a perfect email title is essential to attract the attention of the recipient and ensure that your message does not end up in the trash or buried among many others. Make it so that if he can’t spend time reading it when he sees it, he wants to at least bookmark it and star it in his inbox so he can come back to it and read it more carefully.

In this article, we have seen how to write the perfect email title. By using these tips and tricks you can get a more open rate in your next email campaign. email subject line can make a big difference whether your email gets opened or not. So it is important to focus on the email title.

I hope you got the idea of how to write the perfect email title. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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